Who We Are

Steve Green

Steve Green grew up on a hill country farm in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, with memories of old time American square dances alongside German Polkas and Schottisches in his grandfather’s front room. Southern mountain music, square dance calling, ballad singing, storytelling, and old time flatfoot and buck dancing are a big part of his life. In 2015 he won first at the US National Buck Dance competition, as well as the flatfoot dance competitions at Clifftop and the Augusta Heritage Center. He often performs at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR, and has performed and taught traditional percussive dance and Old Time square dances by invitation at festivals in Ireland, Scotland, England, and several states. He calls square dances around his home and neighboring states. www.ozarkfootsong.com

Joanie Green

Joanie Green is a founding member of the traditional singing group “Sugar on the Floor”, known for their vocal harmonies and high energy. As part of the group, and performing solo, Joanie combines her strong, clear voice with foot and body percussion to create a unique and powerful ballad style. When not doing local gigs, Joanie performs from her home Ozark Mountains to the Appalachians. She is a regular teacher at the Ozark Folk Center, a cultural center for the traditional arts, and at Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. When in Britain she enjoys touring with Sara Grey, and has been featured at the Towersey and Whitby Festivals.

She also joins with her husband, Steve, in the group Ozark Foot Song. www.Ozarkfootsong.com. Her friendly style comes through in teaching old time couple dancing including waltz, two-step, polka, and schottische, and Hambo.